Dummy launcher training day. 2nd April 15:00-17:00 £50 £40 for Dogwise Premium Members

Must have good recall and must already be able to retrieve. This is not a beginners class, this is to gain confidence in dummy launching and long distance retrieval.

UK Dog Sports
Friday’s at 7pm – 14th April, 21st April, 19th May and 26th May
Sunday’s at 9am – 21st May
All workshops last 1hour costing £20 – pre-booking required

Saturday’s at 15:15 – 25th March, 15th April, 29th April
All workshops last 1hour costing £20 – pre-booking required.

Trick Training
Saturday’s at 2pm – 11th March. 1st April, 20th May, 27th May
All workshops last 1hour costing £20 – pre-booking required.

Fitpaws Fitpaws canine conditioning workshops last 30mins and a great way to keep your dog fit and healthy. 121 sessions booking is required through Faye.
Remember if you are a Dogwise Premium Member you get 1 free Fitpaws session every 6week block booking (to be used in that blocks time frame)

Dogwise is holding a few UK Dog Sports workshops this spring and summer! What is this new sports?
It is suitable for a range of dog breeds there is a working trials search, heelwork on and off lead, agility A frame, tunnel and jump. Sendaway, retrieval work and recall. In these workshops we will be working at the group’s abilities and for the dog to gain confidence in each section. If these go well, we will be looking at holding competitions in UK Dog Sports at Dogwise.

Future workshops in agility weaves, will be in the summer.