Membership Scheme

For only £75 for the first year, (drops to £65 for renewals!) enjoy a range of great options:

  • 6 obedience session vouchers for £60.00 = 1 free Fitpaws session
  • 6 sport sessions £60.00 = 1 free Fitpaws session
  • 12 sports sessions £120 = 2 free Fitpaws sessions
  • 18 sports sessions £180 = 3 fee Fitpaws sessions
  • 24 sports sessions £240 = 6 free Sports sessions
  • Payment to be done before you start to secure your place
  • All Workshops are £15 for 30 minutes
  • Free use of the dog park, fitpaws gym, agility area, scurry area, the pond – Sundays only, plus free obedience to music!!!
  • For being a loyal member renewals will be just £65! this is providing you renew your membership before it runs out!

Wow what’s not to love!!! 

Book your times please with me!

Your Membership will run for a year from your date of joining.

We will send you the offers-of-the month by email.

You will be issued with a membership card and you must show it every time you are paying for anything.

To be a member you must train in any class at Dogwise regularly.  If you do not attend classes you will not remain a member.