Fitpaws Dog Gym

You will see the difference in your dog !

This class has been amazing – all the dogs just love it!

Yes it’s the best workshop yet, but the most challenging.

We had such success with this workshop last year.

We will be working on the fitpaws equipment and the beds, to help the dogs stay FOCUSED – it’s so challenging for your dog to stay focused on you when there are other distractions in life!

Have you ever wondered why I have focused and relaxed dogs!

Well here’s the thing, I work my dogs on the fitpaws as much as I can.

This is a game changer for any dog.

You will have amazing results with this – we will help your dog stay focused on you for a lot longer and the results are endless!

  • mental games
  • calmer
  • flexibly
  • stretches
  • balanced
  • maintain control
  • weight loss

Plus if your dog is in pain or stiff they can become grumpy.

So it’s a win win! It’s amazing on every level, but you will have to stick with it to get the best results and it takes time for your dog to adjust to the equipment, which is why we run this workshop for 3 months.

£17 a session

So please don’t forget to book your place and please pay in advance of all workshops – only £17 please pay when you book.

Dewi enjoys his weekly FitPaws sessions