Training Update!

We are back!!! Yeah!

I’m so very 😃 happy to let you know we will opening our gates once again on the 30th March.

We can’t wait to see you all 🤞👏😆🐶🐕 we have missed you so much!

All classes will open from the 30th March.

The dog park will be opening up again on the Sunday 4th April cost £5.

To book into a new puppy or adult dog obedience class you will need to book in advance as places are restricted at the moment for the safety of our staff and customers.

All you need to do is let me know what date you would like to start and I will have a look at the diary to see if it’s available for booking. Once payment is made your place will be secured (please make payment promptly to avoid disappointment.)

We hope to see you all soon x

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We are no ordinary run of the mill old fashioned dog training centre.

We train you with the most up-to-date and fun training methods.

We are bursting with ideas on how to get the best out of your puppy / dog, with no pressure on your dog to do no wrong with no correction, just positive verbal and food rewards.

So why do we train you may well ask? Big question?

So you can enjoy your dog throughout its life and to give them the best life possible.

Just remember a trained dog has more freedom!

As we know so many dog owners worldwide can benefit from these training ideas and now is the perfect time to train with us, so let’s start this today. There is no time like the present!

Dogwise obedience / sports training & exciting lifestyle training, (suitable for puppies and rescue dogs alike) that will show you how to understand, build confidence, play work, specific toy skills, recall games, real life skills, distraction training, drive, relationship, motivation and so much more!

Whether you’re thinking of just obedience training or dog sports  we have classes for you…

Happy Training! Have a blast!


Have some fun with your dog with our new dog sports for beginners classes – including agility, flyball, gundog and scurry…


Dogwise is a training centre in Mere owned and run by me, Tina, alongside my fabulous staff.

I am Qualified in dog psychology and physiology plus since base training along with many years experience in all aspects of dog obedience training and in dog sports.

We run classes and workshops.

We are unique as we offer you training classes as many times in the week as you like.

We are the only dog training centre that lets you train 3 times a week if you would like to.

Our classes run on a pay as you go policy after you have payed for your 5 week block starter sessions.

We focus more on your dog staying calm and focused.


Middle Boundary Games, Magic Hands, Touch Hand, Scatter Feeding it’s your choice.

Train your puppy / dog like you are putting money in the bank 💰

There’s a Game For everthing!

Where would you like more focus from your dog training?

✅Out on your walk?
✅Playing in the garden?
✅In the house?
✅When a visitor arrives?
✅When someone delivers to your door ?
✅ When you see another dog?

You name it and we have a game for that!

We always, always have fun in what you do 😂😂😂😂

Have you played any of the Dogwise games yet? These are so super beneficial for many dogs! We teach them all on are obedience classes.

When coming to Dogwise ask yourself:

Am I ready and willing to learn new ways of training my dog! 👩‍🎓👨

Am I prepared to change my training habits!

Am I prepared to put in the home work!

Lead walking your dog does not have to be a nightmare!🤯

🐶 So what are you waiting for?

Come and train your dog with us today