Junior Dog Handlers – Safe and Sound

The Safe & Sound course will help your children to bond with your family dog. It’s fun and rewarding. Now is the time to book them in to a class!

Classes will be small so that everyone can get attention. Contact Tina to see when the next class will be running (see details below)   We will teach your children…

  • How to behave around dogs
  • How to understand and ‘speak’ dog language
  • What the common sense rules are and the important Laws around dogs.
  • How to train your dog

Safe and Sound training will help keep your child ‘exactly that’ around both your family pet or any other dog they come into contact with. We often hear in the media of tragic occasions where attacks take place and children are left maimed or worse. No dog is safe… all have 42 teeth and all can bite! Many surveys have shown that children and sometimes their parents do not know how to behave around dogs…kissing, cuddling, sharing food and sometimes beds are all potentially dangerous if you don’t read the dogs body language. We will help you understand ‘dog speak’ and recognise the tell tale signs of an anxious or dangerous dog. This activity should also help those children who are afraid of dogs and give them confidence to interact safely.

Once your child has completed a 30 minute ‘Safe and Sound ‘class they will be able to attend our ‘Junior Dog Handler’ classes.

To book or discuss further call Tina on 07807 486377
. Please note classes will be small so book early to avoid disappointment!